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Midnight Moon

Last Friday after work, while it was raining cats and dogs, I found my way to my favorite sanctuary in Bangkok. After almost an hour, I finally ended up at Midnight Moon, soaked up from the rain from head to toe. But after several glasses of wine, things couldn’t be more perfect.
Museum of Floral Culture has been my favorite place for so long. We like to come here for an afternoon tea and a quiet reading. It’s funny that it rained everytime I came here, but the rain and the greenery is still the perfect match, right?
And recently, the place just launched its restaurant called ‘Midnight Moon’. Open between Friday to Sunday nights only, this restaurant features the menus inspired by the floral journeys of Sakul Intakul the renowned floral artist and the museum’s owner. I have to admit they have done well on the food, and I was so in love with the decorations and ambiance. It was indeed a perfect Friday night 🙂
More info: www.floralmuseum.com