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Workation at Rayavadee Krabi

The COVID-19 pandemic might affect many things, but obviously not my work. After two months of WFH, our small company has got back into business and we have been super busy. That is why it seemed to be a very wrong time to visit Rayavadee because we had to work most of the time.

our first trip of the year, have to make it official

Still, it was a great trip. The office view looked nicer (lol) and we had time to stroll around the resort and enjoy the greenery and the beach.

Like everywhere else, Krabi was hit hard by the pandemic. We came to Krabi many times but never saw it like this time. It’s so sad, so deserted. It was shocking that the Pra Nang beach that used to have loads of boats around had no boats at all. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught Thailand a great lesson, that we shouldn’t rely only on tourism.

But because of COVID, we got a chance to stay at Rayavadee, a luxury resort that we couldn’t (and didn’t want to spend a lot of money to) afford in normal days. When they offered a half-price promotion, we seized it right away. For us who have been to Railay for many times, Rayavadee has been a dream, because we walked past those good-looking pavilions many times. So this trip was a dream come true, actually.

The experience? If you love somewhere luxury and private with the best views, this is the place. The resort connects both sides of Railay so you can walk around, and it is so vast that you can get lost. The service and facilities are undoubtedly the best. We went there at the worst time (monsoon in the low season) but we were impressed. Just some walks in their forest, some sea views, good food, great sleep and we were happy. And it’s just 15 minutes by boat to the private pier!